Reconvexo has been collecting and divulging information about disabled people’s rights for some years. The work to include this information on our website in an organised manner and with easy access, however, is not a simple task. One of our problems is that we need to select the material and what is more interesting for people living with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy – LHON and their relatives. Would you like to help? Leave a question here and help Reconvexo improve its content on disabled people’s rights.


To offer legal support, we count on a few collaborators at this moment, as we don’t have a program of collaborators yet. The legal support is essential to recently affected people and their relatives because people often don’t know the rights and guarantees their new condition brings. Here we have a video so you can learn more about this.

Another serious problem is when the person living with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy – LHON suffers some kind of discrimination or goes through situations in which the new condition prevents them from achieving something. At these moments, the accompaniment of a lawyer is very important to keep fighting. Do you have any story that you would like to share with us? Go to our affected and relatives’ stories sector. This can help us know which types of professionals we should select to collaborate with Reconvexo apart from lawyers.

To better perform this activity, we would also need a team to create the program, to select the collaborators – because we want quality people supporting the affected and their relatives – and, finally, to establish a system of approach between those in need and those that are helping.

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Inclusive technologies

Through our experience, it is far from easy to deal with new technologies that expand the access of people living with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy – LHON to the digital world. Many times we lack information, while other times we lack the support to learn how to use the existing resources. Reconvexo has on this exact website a section on this topic, learn more about it.

Moreover, our collaborators living with LHON and LHON Plus have tested new technologies and shared their experiences. The path is tortuous and many times it is expensive and complex to have access to these technologies. At this moment, we do not have funds to support each one of our collaborators to perform these tests, but we would like your support to expand the number of experiences that our collaborators have lived. Check out one of our collaborators’ experience.


We want to bring together people who can help those with visual impairment on the readaptation on work, studies, and daily activities.

Sometimes working and studying can be a challenge for those who lost their vision or part of it, even with inclusive technologies. This happens because if the person in question was already a reader and a writer, for example, and loses sight or has significant vision loss, they can have difficulties even to organise their ideas. This is because when you can count on your vision, you can go forward and back easily to understand the placed ideas or to elaborate your own in the form of a text. However, without this resource, the form of thinking the world is transformed, which also changes the form of learning. Nevertheless, what many people see as a difficulty can be transformed into only a difference with the help of the right professionals. This project’s objective is to collect stories on learning and work readaptation difficulties because we need to know well what people living with LHON have to endure. This way, we will be able to bring them together with the correct professionals to make their world reinsertion easier. Would you like to help? Donate for the project or send your story here.


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